There is an old saying, “What goes around comes around.” This saying is often used to indicate that a person or business that harms others will receive harm in turn. However, it can also be used to infer the opposite. It can be used to indicate that people and businesses that do good receive good in turn. When referring to community service, “what goes around comes around” is a positive statement that means when a business or person helps the community, the community will help the person or business.

Businesses Helping the Community

Another popular saying is, “A good deed is its own reward.” In terms of businesses conducting community service, this is the absolute truth. A business is a large part of the community in which it is located. It provides employment for people within the community. It creates opportunities, provides services or goods, and contributes in the daily life. Therefore, if the community is in need, the business should be the first entity to help. By investing back into the community that the business services, it shows the community that it is a part of their lives, and not simply a casual observer.

Building Employee Comradery with Community Service

It has been shown that companies that contribute to community service and conduct community service projects have a strong team of employees. Community service provides a purpose beyond getting everyday work completed and earning money. It allows for a larger sense of self and belonging. Employees helping in community service projects enjoy coming together for a greater cause and working as a team. Community service is a form of team building that results in a better environment outside of the office as well as in the office. It also allows employees to see that the company and its management team believe in the local community. Community service projects allow everyone in the business to be working on the same level, as opposed to a hierarchy as is seen in the office.

The Community Helping Business

In addition to the good karma community service creates for the business and the benefit it provides to the community, community service helps grow a business beyond its standard marketing options. The community will begin to support the businesses that support it. If your business provides a service, you will begin to see more members of the community use your services. If your business provides goods, the community will likely buy your goods over the goods of your competition. In addition, community service projects that are done for the betterment of the community often make amazing advertising opportunities. Businesses will find that people support businesses that support causes they believe in and want to help.

Fusion Employment Services is a proud supporter of several community organizations. Please visit our website to learn more about the organizations we support and feel free to share information about the organizations you support as well.