Fusion was started as a boutique and remains a boutique today. We were introduced to the PEO model in a corporate setting and quickly realized that the small business owner wants to deal with another small business owner. We understood that corporate America is simply not equipped to the ebb and flow of small business.

Fusion had its humble beginnings in an accountant’s back office in central New Jersey with a giant computer and two phones. Like many small business owners, I had a child on the way, a mortgage to be paid and there was a big dream – to give the client excellent service, fair pricing, and more for their money.

Fusion grew client by client, on the premise that the best marketing is excellent customer service. If a client has a problem, they come directly to their Fusion team and we would resolve it. By honoring our model, word spread and we continued to grow. We have become the fastest-growing PEO in the Tri-State area, while maintaining great customer service by putting the Human Touch in Human Resources