This is the very foundation of our service. We will sit down, face-to-face, with ownership and management, to find out what is important to you in human resources. We use a keen eye towards protecting your business, by providing the equivalent of an on-site human resources department. We keep employees happy and productive by providing numerous Fortune 500 benefits, even to the smallest company.


  • 1. August: On-site Strategic HR meeting (form game plan)
  • 2. September: Roll out of Employee Handbook
  • 3. October: Sexual Harassment Training
  • 4. November: Voluntary Benefits Presentation (life, disability, etc.)
  • 5. December: Customer Service
  • 6. January: Coaching Through Feedback
  • 7. February: Workplace Dos/Don’ts
  • 8. March: Time Management
  • 9. April: Valuing Diversity
  • 10. May: Interviewing Skills
  • 11. June: Benefits Renewal Discussion/Plan/Rollout
  • 12. July: Prepare next 12 month plan

Our technology is beyond state-of-the-art – it gives your employees the ability to access their own personal information, W-4, paystubs, benefits, retirement plan, company handbook, safety manual, and more!

Our client retention is 15 points higher than the industry standard. Our boutique approach, human touch, and service plan is the reason behind such strong retention numbers.

Our billing is absolutely transparent – our clients have access to all of their billing information, line-by-line, and have the ability to create customized reports of their own data.