With today’s multiple employer plans (MEPs), small businesses may receive the economies of scale that have generally been reserved for large businesses. A multiple employer plan is an arrangement by which a retirement plan can be sponsored by a professional employer organization (PEO) such as Fusion. Multiple, unrelated businesses may adopt the retirement plan under the umbrella of Fusion. 


  • Transamerica Retirement Solutions ranked among the top retirement plan providers and was awarded 47 “Best in Class” Cups in the under $5 million to $1 billion dollar markets in the 2013 PLANSPONSOR® magazine Defined Contribution Survey.
  • Transamerica services more than 21,000 plans with more than $102 billion in assets under management.
  • Transamerica has received a very high client recommendation rate of 94.6%.
  • Transamerica and its affiliates have been providers of retirement plans and investment products for more than 75 years.

Transamerica Retirement Solutions was awarded 47 “Best in Class” Cups in the under $5 million to $1 billion markets in PLANSPONSOR® magazine’s 2013 Defined Contribution Survey for sponsor and participant services. The complete results of the Defined Contribution Survey were announced in the November 2013 issue of PLANSPONSOR® magazine. The survey polled 5,306 clients. “Best in Class” awards are given to the three highest scoring providers in each area of service and any other providers with scores that exceed the benchmark score established for a given asset range.

Why is a 401K important?

Recruit and retain your valuable employees by offering a 401(k) Retirement Plan.

  • 64% of full-time employees whose employer doesn’t offer a retirement plan said they would likely leave their current job for a nearly identical position with a similar employer that offered one.
  • 51% of full-time employees said they’d prefer a job with excellent retirement benefits with minimum salary requirements vs. higher salary with poor retirement benefits.

Why a MEP is better for your business?

The chief advantages of adopting and offering a retirement plan under an MEP are the savings in administrative costs and burdens. Fusion Employer Services handles the administration, just as we handle payroll tax returns, and you, the Adopting Employer, do not need to be bothered with it. Since the plan files a single 5500, the costs of preparing that 5500, as well as the costs of preparing plan updates to deal with changes in the law, can be spread over all the Adopting Employers. This may result in major savings.

There are additional benefits of offering a 401(k) Retirement Plan through Fusion:

  • Cost effective employee benefits
  • Plan design flexibility to fit your business objectives
  • A quality investment choice line-up
  • Compliance and ERISA support
  • Participant education materials and nationwide enrollment support
  • Tax benefits for your business
  • Dynamic Client and Participant Website
  • Paperless enrollment and transactions