In 2019, it is very common to never meet a business client or even an employee face-to-face. While we do not live in the world of flying cars (yet), we do live in a world that is overrun by technology. Through technology, we can send messages to one another, conduct face-time meetings through Skype or Video chat services, send documents back and forth, and collaborate on the most complex of projects. Entire projects can be envisioned, created, and produced without ever picking up the phone, let alone meeting in person. As efficient as this may sound, the reality, a lot of details often get lost in the shuffle and can require additional time to iron out because of the lack of a personal relationship. Meeting in person to discuss business, life, and the world at large can help foster an unspoken language that make business more productive.

The Personal Touch of a Staff Meeting

It is often said that technology adds to office efficiency. Therefore, many offices have moved to online staff-meetings, in which people can log in to a program like Skype or Go-to Meeting and face-time with others in the office to discuss important office related issues. This may seem like a more efficient method of conducting staff meetings, however, the truth is this can be less efficient than taking an hour out of your day or week to meet together in one room for a meeting.

The in-person meeting provides for several things that an online staff meeting ignores. First, an online staff meeting allows the employees and members of management to multi-task, conducting work at their desk while participating in a discussion. As a result, items get communicated incorrectly. People do not pay full attention when needed and they lose pieces of important data. This can cause mistakes in work as well as general issues around the office.

Another piece of the personal touch that is missed when conducting an online face-time meeting is the inability to communicate through body language. In a traditional staff meeting, individuals, whether it be management or other employees can read the room. They can determine if something is being well-received or needs improvement simply by the body language and feel in the room. Without putting anyone on the spot, management can make changes to ideas immediately to achieve better results. This ability is lost in a virtual meeting, as there is no room to read.

Meeting in Person Improves Workplace Atmosphere

Another benefit to in-person staff meetings is the ability to improve the atmosphere around the office. Getting away from the desk to meet with your colleagues once a week allows you and your colleagues to get to know each other on a personal level, even if only for a brief minute. In addition, you break up your routine and isolation that technology tends to breed. As a result of this personal meeting, you will feel a lighter atmosphere within the company that may make it an overall more pleasant environment in which to work.

Fusion Employer Services believes in the benefits of the personal touch. We want you to be able to meet with your HR professionals in person as well as online, creating a personal relationship that leaves no assumptions or miscommunications. If you are looking to work with an HR company that believes in helping people, contact us today at 1-866-FES-4978.