In many work environments, human resource departments are seen as an option that can be ignored. Employers tend to believe their workplace is either too small to need human resources or the issues are non-existent in their “happy work environment.” However, most human resource issues have little to do with things such as harassment and unfair employment practices and much more to do with laws, regulations, and logistics of running a company with employees. For these types of issues, even one employee is often enough to make having an HR team or outsourced HR professionals a necessary investment for your company.

  1. Regulatory Compliance

Laws involving the workplace change constantly. Whether you are dealing with laws affecting health insurance, paid sick leave, or even cyber-attacks, it is difficult for a business owner to stay abreast of every law and regulation that comes down the pike while still working to run his or her business. A human resources professional’s focus is to stay abreast of regulatory changes and make sure they are implemented in a timely fashion in accordance with the law. Furthermore, a good HR team will make sure this occurs with little to no disruption of your daily business practices.

  1. Training and Development

Whether you are looking to train employees on a new product or service or looking to train the next generation of leaders for your company, training and development is a key component to any workplace. However, there are often times the business owner or management is either busy running the business and department or needs to be included in the training, leaving them unable to perform most of the trainings as needed. This is where a human resource department can be worth its weight in gold. This department will be able to coordinate the trainings, obtain the proper people to conduct such trainings, and make sure the trainings address any compliance issues that may be associated.

  1. Payroll

Payroll is not simply writing paychecks and signing them. There is a lot of human resources and tax information involved in payroll. Typically, payroll issues arise well before a check is issued. For instance, issues such as paid time off, insurance payments and deductions, overtime, and salary versus hourly pay must be considered when dealing with payroll. While a payroll company may be able to handle some of these issues, they will not be able to handle disputes or the intricacies of informing employees that hours have been cut or overtime work is not allowed for a period of time. An HR professional or HR team will be able to deal with the personalized issues that accompany the payroll and compensation issues in your business place.

  1. Expectations

Believe it or not, many employers do not maintain an employee manual. Therefore, there is no documentation of employee or employer expectations. There are also no standards set for employment practices to be followed across the board. The lack of such a manual can lead to numerous employee related liabilities brought forth to employers by lawsuits, wherein employees have causes for discrimination and unfair employment practices. Therefore, it is essential to have an employee manual in place and have each employee sign, acknowledging that they have received it and understand it. An HR team of professionals can help produce this valuable documentation of employment policies and procedures and include company expectations and execute the initial delivery of the information via on-boarding or when new policies or procedures come into play or have to be amended.

  1. Benefits

Employee benefits are much more than health insurance and a retirement plan. It includes things like time off, voluntary benefits, and incentives, to name a few. It is not enough to simply supply the benefits to the employees. Many times, the employees need to be educated on the benefit offerings and /or educated in the explanation of their benefits and help in making choices or changes to the benefits they need or want. This is a large undertaking for a business owner, especially when it is not his or her forte. Therefore, an HR team can be essential to helping educate and explain the benefits to your employees and helping them choose what is right for them.

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