Back to School/Back to Work Team Building Ideas

The end of August and beginning of September signals back to school for many families. It also signals the end of summer vacation and back to work as we know it. This is the time of year that people begin looking towards year-end goals. Business moves from the summer mentality to the standard business mentality. In order to help your team get back to work and reach those year-end goals, here are some wonderful team building ideas that will get your employees excited to finish the year as strong as it started, if not stronger.

  1. The Social Outing

Welcoming the team back to the office can help boost morale. This is a wonderful time of year to schedule an office outing. Scheduling a company picnic to say goodbye to summer, an event at a raceway, or some other type of out-of-the box social outing would be a wonderful way to create a cohesive work environment. Build into the event contests focused on getting your employees (and their families) to work together while having fun. Friendly competition, good food, and a family-friendly environment will help steer your team towards a successful year end.

  1. The Scavenger Hunt

This type of team building activity is a wonderful way to `help employees work together in a healthy competition while asking them to think outside the box. Choose the teams for your staff, potentially mixing departments to give team members a chance to work with other members with whom they may not normally interact. Keep the tasks relatively simple, creating searches that would occur during the normal course of business. This can be an event to last several weeks or over the course of an afternoon. Either way, create a list of items that need to be found while completing a specific task, forcing the employees to think outside the box and work together to find the objects and win the game.

  1. The Office Project

Create a project for the office to complete. This could be a complex project, such as an office makeover, or a simple concept such as designing a holiday card or gift. Create teams to focus on different aspects of the project, again pairing team members that may not normally work together. Give each team a goal and a deadline and let them work together to complete the project.

  1. The Meeting Activity

During your standard business meetings, ask your team members to complete a brain teaser. Each week could be a new teaser in which the meeting participants break into groups of four or more (depending on the size of your workforce). Allow for fifteen minutes to complete the task and then share the outcomes with the entire team. This will create a fun meeting environment while letting your team know that working together is an expected part of the office environment.

These activities are just a few ideas to help your team break away from the summer mentality that brings employees away from the office and bring them back to the office mentality that will help you end your year on a strong, successful note. To learn more options that may help you create an engaging work environment, contact the experts at Fusion Employer Services at (609) 896-5900