The Ingenue: What to Look for When Hiring a Newly Graduated Person to Join Your Workforce

Since May, the employment candidate pool has been flooded with professionals who recently graduated college. Whether these individuals are starting a second career later in life, went back to school after years out of the workforce, or are looking for their first job in any professional capacity, these individuals are not experienced in the professional world in which your company is based. Aside from a few internships and a college degree in the area of study that fits your business, these individuals lack any true work experience. Since experience in your field is not typically a quality that can be used to help make a decision regarding hiring the right person for an entry level position, it is important to understand what other qualities may make a great employee for your workplace.

Compatibility Is Key When Hiring

First impressions go a long way when hiring any employee. However, when hiring an ingenue, this is likely one of the most important parts of the interview. During this first impression, pay attention to the interviewee’s overall demeanor. Does this person fit in with the culture of the company? Is this person easy to speak with? Does this person have a personality that appears to be easy-going and likeable? Is this person eager to learn?

Answering yes to these questions will help you determine if this person will be willing to learn as well as get along within your workplace atmosphere. People that are not compatible with your workplace environment will not only fail due to an unwillingness to listen to or work well with others, but will bring the morale of your workplace down to their level, making it a miserable place to work.

A Person Who Can Think Fast Can Adapt Well

Transitioning from college to a professional workplace is not always an easy task. Think about it in terms of college versus professional athletics. In college, athletics have a certain set of rules. The players have other priorities that take a precedence over their athletic career. These players that are then drafted into professional sports may not be able to transition to a new thought process, wherein the professional work is the most important priority which requires more concentration and dedication.

The same is true for college students transitioning into a professional environment. Making a mistake is no longer the difference between an “A” and a “B.” Instead, it could cost the firm a client or damage the company’s reputation. Therefore, it is important that the ingenue is good at thinking on his or her feet. A person who can function under pressure and think on his or her feet will adapt well to the differences between college, interning, and a professional career. Make sure to ask questions during the interview process that can demonstrate the candidate’s ability to think on his or her feet and adapt to a new, fast-paced environment.

Unlike hiring an experienced professional, your interview process should ask about life experiences and thought processes. In order to find the right fit for your company, make sure you develop an interview that is meant for this type of process. If you are looking for help developing an interviewing process and an on-boarding process for an entry level position, contact the experts at Fusion Employer Services at 609-896-5900.